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(a) Administration of CAP including program promotions, outreach, and marketing materials may be coordinated with the partner agency or agencies.


(1)  A partner agency will certify the WSSC ratepayer using criteria outlined in its operations manual or equivalent standard policy or procedure document and systems.

(2) Ratepayers will apply using the partner agency or partner’s delegated agency enrollment and certification process, such as Montgomery County Health and Human Services Department and Prince George’s County Department of Social Services.

(3) For those ratepayers who are already certified with the partner agency as eligible for another assistance program, such as energy assistance, the partner agency will provide an electronic file of those participants within the WSSC service area on a regular basis as provided in the MOU.

(4) Ratepayers identified by the partner agency as eligible, identifiable WSSC customer accounts will automatically be enrolled in the customer assistance program.

(c) Notification of CAP enrollment will be provided by WSSC to the CAP participant.

(d) Participants must recertify annually to participate in CAP in accordance with the partner agency’s annual renewal procedures. (Res. 2019-2235; REG-CUM-CC-2018-012 § (f))