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(a) WSSC will provide financial assistance to CAP participants in the form of a credit that will appear on the water and sewer bill.

(b) The amount of the assistance will be equivalent to the ready-to-serve fee portion of the water bill.

(c) Except as provided in subsection (d) of this section, the credit will appear on the first bill that the customer receives in the fiscal year after the date that the customer is certified as a CAP participant.

(d) If a customer is certified as CAP eligible after one or more bills have already been issued in a given fiscal year, WSSC shall award credits retroactively to:

(1) The first bill issued in the fiscal year in which the customer was certified as CAP eligible; or

(2) If the ratepayer did not yet live in the property when the previous bills were issued, to the first bill that was issued after the date of occupancy at the property.

(e) The Director of Customer Service, at the Director’s sole discretion, may terminate participation in the CAP by a household for:

(1) Fraud;

(2) Failure to notify WSSC of relocation of residence; or

(3) Other failure to meet obligations to WSSC and its ratepayers as set forth in WSSC regulations and the laws of the State of Maryland. (Res. 2019-2235; REG-CUM-CC-2018-012 § (g))