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3.60.020 Systems maintenance.
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(a) A fire hydrant spigot connection will be installed for public use, as soon as possible, if the estimated duration of the shutdown will be greater than two hours after an emergency shutdown occurs.

(1) Flush the fire hydrant before installing fire hydrant spigot. Point the nozzle of the hydrant spigot down, and fully open the hydrant.

(2) The crew installing the spigot will notify the Radio Room of the location.

(b) The repair crew will notify the Radio Room personnel of the expected duration of the shutdown.

(c) For any jobs involving a shutdown that will go over two hours, the Supervisor will review the situation and determine if temporary water service can/should be provided to any customers.

(d) Any customer involved in an emergency shutdown that has lasted for eight hours will be provided bottled water at or close to the repair site. The bottled water will be purchased commercially and WSSC will attach a decal indicating that the water was provided by WSSC.

(e) Crews will be advised of critical water customers that have urgent needs for water.

Efforts will be made to provide a temporary connection. If a temporary water connection is not possible, and the customer is unable (due to illness, age, handicap, etc.) to go to a fire hydrant spigot connection, the Crew/Supervisor will be advised by the dispatcher, and the crew will deliver water to that customer.

(f) Crews will advise the Radio Room where temporary pipe/hose is installed and what customers are connected.

(g) If the water is not causing damage and the proper shutdown can be confirmed, leave a valve open until the customers affected by the disruption can be notified and given time to collect a water supply. If the water is causing damage to private property or presenting a hazard to the public (i.e., water flooding premises or roadways, erosion, undermining, etc.) make the shutdown as soon as possible.

(h) Crews will be notified by the Radio Room of the addresses of customers that cannot be reached by phone (criteria: less than 100 customers involved in shutdown and the shutdown has lasted over 10 hours). No calls or contacts will be made between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.; if the notification time falls between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., the customer is to be called as soon after 6:00 a.m. as possible. Notifications will be updated every 10 hours, if extended shutdown occurs.

(i) The Radio Room must be notified by the crew every four hours of the status of the job and give an update of estimate of when the system will be recharged. (W 19.0 § II)