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(a) In this subsection, the following words have the meaning indicated:

(1)  “Separately metered” means that:

(i) A separate WSSC water meter is installed at the individual unit to measure that unit’s flow; or

(ii) If allowed by law, a WSSC master meter is installed to register the flow of two or more units.

(b) The purpose of the unit count billing method is to provide consistency with the way that WSSC bills master metered multi-unit residential properties and single-family residential properties.

(c) The ADC utilized to bill master metered multi-unit properties shall be determined by dividing the total water use by the:

(1) Number of calendar days in the billing period; and then by

(2) The total number of occupied residential units served by the property’s meter.

(d) Master metered multi-unit residential properties and mixed-use multi-unit properties with no high-flow units shall be billed as set forth in subsection (c) of this section.

(e) Master metered mixed-use multi-unit properties with one or more high-flow units may not be billed as set forth in subsection (c) of this section unless the high-flow units are separately metered.

(f) Multi-unit commercial properties are not eligible for unit count billing as set forth in subsection (c) of this section.

(g) For accounts that are eligible for unit count billing, if the ADC drops at least 40 percent below the historical usage, WSSC may require the customer to certify the number of occupied residential units.

(h) Requests for waivers from high-flow unit designation shall be done in accordance with this subsection (h).

(1) A mixed-use multi-unit customer may request a waiver from the designation of a commercial unit as high-flow by submitting a waiver application.

(2) The Customer Service Director may grant a waiver upon a finding that the circumstances surrounding the characteristics or use of the commercial unit are such that the flow factor should be equal to or less than the flow of an average residential unit.

(3) The Customer Service Director may place conditions on the grant of the waiver.

(4) The decision of the Customer Service Director may be appealed to the General Manager/CEO.

(5) The decision of the General Manager/CEO shall be the final WSSC decision on the request for waiver. (Res. 2019-2220)