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Article I. General Provisions
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In this section, the following words have the meanings indicated:

(a) “Account” means a metered connection to WSSC’s water or sewer system.

(b) “Average daily consumption” or “ADC” means the average number of gallons utilized at a property per day, as determined by dividing the total gallons of water passing through a meter between one meter reading and another by the number of calendar days that elapsed between the two readings.

(c) “Commercial unit” means a nonresidential unit with a principal purpose of transacting for-profit business with the public.

(d) “Customer” means:

(1) The property owner; or

(2) A tenant that resides at the property and receives a bill from WSSC.


(1)  “High-flow commercial unit” means a commercial unit with an average flow that is greater than the flow of the average residential unit as calculated based on the flow factors set forth in the WSSC Pipeline Design Manual.

(2) “High-flow commercial unit” includes:

(i) Assembly hall/community center;

(ii) Auto dealership;

(iii) Bakery;

(iv) Beauty salon/nails/spa;

(v) Car wash;

(vi) Carry-out;

(vii) Church;

(viii) Motel/hotel/inn;

(ix) Laundromat;

(x) Laboratory/office facility;

(xi) Library;

(xii) Nursing home/hospital;

(xiii) Pool;

(xiv) Racket club/tennis club/gym;

(xv) Restaurant;

(xvi) Service station;

(xvii) Repair garage;

(xviii) Supermarket/market; and

(xix) Theater.

(f) “Historical ADC” means the account’s:

(1) ADC one year earlier during a comparable period; or

(2) If no comparable period is available, the ADC of the previous bill.

(g) “Mixed-use multi-unit” property means a two-or-more-unit property containing:

(1) A majority of residential units; and

(2) At least one commercial unit.

(h) “Multi-unit commercial” property means a two-or-more-unit property containing only commercial units.

(i) “Multi-unit residential” property means a two-or-more-unit property containing either:

(1) All residential units; or

(2) A majority of residential units and one or more not-for-profit units that:

(i) Are not used by the public for a fee; and

(ii) Have a principal purpose to benefit the residents of the property.

(j) “Payment arrangement” means separating a bill into multiple payments through a communication with a customer service agent.

(k) “Residential unit” means a unit that:

(1) Contains at least one bathroom and one kitchen; and

(2) Is used exclusively as a place of residence pursuant to a deed or lease agreement. (Res. 2019-2220)