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(a) Specifications. WSSC shall engage in outreach measures to assist MBEs and WSSC-approved SLBEs, including the following: (1) implement information and communications programs on contracting procedures and specific contract opportunities; (2) provide services to help MBEs and WSSC-approved SLBEs improve long-term development, increase opportunities to participate in various kinds of work and handle increasingly significant projects; (3) implement a supportive services program to develop and improve immediate and long-term business management, record-keeping, and financial and accounting capability; (4) establish a program to assist new, start-up firms, particularly in fields in which small business participation has historically been low; (5) ensure distribution of a MBE and SLBE directory or listing, through print and electronic means; (6) provide technical assistance and other services to develop MBEs and WSSC-approved SLBEs capability to utilize emerging technology and conduct business through electronic media; (7) provide online bid documents available for download; and (8) develop procedures to notify MBEs and WSSC-approved SLBEs of bid opportunities including sending notices regarding bid opportunities to various organizations and other agencies.

(b) Applicability. Architectural and engineering; construction services; goods and services; professional services. (REG-PROC-SD-2017-004 § V(E))