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5.65.460 Reclassification notices.
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Like most new assessments, a formal notice of assessment and cover letter (See Appendices C and D) is mailed to the current property owner whenever a reclassification is initiated by WSSC and the reclassification will result in an annual assessment change of $50.00 or more. Formal notification may not occur when a reclassification is initiated by the property owner.

Scenarios that result in a formal notice being mailed:

(a) County records indicate that a property classified as agricultural no longer meets the requirement. The property is therefore reclassified to small acreage;

(b) Property is assessed as a single business. A field inspection reveals that the property should be classified as multi-business;

(c) Property owner applies for a house connection to a property that is not abutted by water and/or sewer lines;

(d) Records indicate that a property should be removed from a service category 5 or 6 or a property is no longer in an exempt status. (Property assessments manual § 11.3, dated October 1998)