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(a) As of the date of approval of the procedure codified in this chapter, WSSC CADD standards will be effective immediately.

(b) The core team members (Appendix A) of the CADD Standards Committee are the contact persons to all users.

(c) At any time, anyone can submit comments and suggestions using the Revision Request Form in the hard copy of these standards to the contact persons.

(d) The CADD Standard Committee will meet in the first week of January, April, June, and September, unless otherwise dictated by an urgent need, to evaluate, discuss, and recommend any deletion, revision, or addition to these standards. Under an emergent situation, the Chairman can call a special meeting.

(e) The CADD Standard Committee will decide whether to approve the changes and will notify the requestor of the decision. The approved changes will immediately be incorporated into the online document. All internal users will be notified by email. All external users will be notified by the individual Project Manager. (PD 2000-01 § V)