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1.70.390 How and when to register as a lobbyist.
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(a) Every person required to register with the Board under WSSC 1.70.380 must disclose the following information on a form provided by the Board:

(1) The lobbyist’s name and permanent address;

(2) The name and permanent address of any person who will lobby on behalf of the lobbyist;

(3) The name, address, and nature of business of any person who compensates the lobbyist; and

(4) The identification, by formal designation if known, of each matter on which the lobbyist expects to lobby or employs someone to lobby.

(b) This form must be filed not later than five days after an individual or organization first meets the requirements for registration under this article.

(c) A lobbyist must register separately for each employer.

(d) Each registration, if applicable, shall include the authorization required under WSSC 1.70.400.

(e) Each registration form shall be accompanied by a fee of $20.00 or other amount specified in the WSSC schedule of fees and charges.

(f) Each lobbyist may file a notice of termination within 30 days after:

(1) Stopping any lobbying activity; and

(2) Filing the reports required under this article. (Res. 2003-1669 § 1(6-2))