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Article V. Financial Disclosure
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(a) The following persons must file a financial disclosure statement under oath:

(1) All persons holding positions under the executive salary schedule, merit and nonmerit positions;

(2) All persons holding merit or nonmerit positions on level of Grade 12 or above; and

(3) Other persons holding positions, designated by the General Manager, after review and recommendation by Team Chiefs and the heads of the staff offices, that are responsible, either as a decision-maker or an advisor to another making decisions, for:

(i) Contracting or procurement, including the drafting of specifications and the negotiating or executing of contracts, and the approval of invoices for payment that exceed $500.00;

(ii) Regulatory matters, including planning, sewer category classifications, development or permit review, and inspections; legal matters and the payment or settlement of claims;

(iii) Financial matters, including audit, benefits and retirement administration (including staff and members of the Retirement Plan Board of Trustees), and the administration of grants, subsidies or credits;

(iv) Land acquisition;

(v) Law enforcement;

(vi) Controlling confidential information, including information technology systems; and

(vii) Other matters that would further the purposes of this article.

(b) Members of WSSC advisory boards or committees must file financial disclosure forms. However, the Board shall limit the information required on such forms to information concerning any financial interest or gift that may create a conflict of interest between the board or committee member’s personal interests and advisory duties. (Res. 2019-2230; Res. 2016-2112; Res. 2003-1669 § 1(5-1))