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14.10.070 Backflow Technician’s responsibilities.
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(a) The Backflow Technician is responsible for his/her own compliance and the compliance of any of his/her employees or agents with the WSSC Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code.

(b) The Backflow Technician shall be responsible for performing accurate field tests and for repairing, overhauling or replacing backflow preventers as necessary to maintain the devices.

(c) The Backflow Technician shall be responsible for the accurate generation and recordation of data, a correct assessment of the workings of each assembly tested, and prompt and thorough dissemination of relevant data to WSSC and to the customer.

(d) The Backflow Technician is responsible for submitting the records of their testing using WSSC’s online test report submittal process to WSSC.

(e) The Backflow Technician is responsible for paying for test report submittal fees.

(f) The Backflow Technician shall be responsible for ensuring that original-manufacturer replacement parts are used in the repair of or replacement of parts in a backflow-prevention assembly.

(g) The Backflow Technician shall not change the design, material or operational characteristics of an assembly or a device during repair or maintenance without prior approval of WSSC.

(h) The Backflow Technician shall conduct testing only when assured that all safety procedures have been observed and that all necessary individuals involved have been appropriately notified.

(i) A Backflow Technician shall keep his/her certification current by completing recertification on or before the date the certification expires. A Backflow Technician shall promptly report to WSSC in writing any lapses in certification or discontinuance of certification. (REG-REGS-EC-2014-004 § V(B))