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Number Description Action Date Disposition
PD 90-01 Procedures for issuing WSSC construction permits Codified
GM 08-01 Procedures for issuing State of Maryland uniform civil citations Codified
document dated May 17, 2017 Procedures for innovation and research 5/17/2017 Codified
CUS 08-01 Procedure for resolving water and sewer claims Codified
ENG 86-01 Procedure for enforcing erosion and sediment control permit violations for WSSC utility contractors Codified
REG-PRM-LO-2014-001 Procedure for disposition of scrap metal and surplus goods Codified
PD 93-01 Procedure for determining percent growth for CIP projects Codified
REG-LGS-GC-2014-002 Procedure for adjudicatory hearings Codified
Plumbing and fuel gas code 2019 Codified
Plumbing and fuel gas code Superseded
Pipeline design manual Codified
FIN-2018-2 Official travel expense reimbursement 6/20/2018 Codified
CUS 06-01 Notification of significant events Codified
REG-WWM-CC-2015-002 Notification and posting requirements regarding sewage leaks to counties, municipal corporations, and to the general public 4/15/2015 Codified
REG-PROC-SD-2017-004 Minority business enterprise (MBE) program 3/15/2017 Codified
MBE 11-01 Minority business enterprise (MBE) program Superseded by REG-PROC-SD-2017-004
CUS 11-01 Method for billing certain multi-unit properties Codified
28-ME-DG-02 Mechanical and electrical design guidelines for water booster pumping stations Codified
Design Guideline DG-08 Mechanical and electrical design guidelines for low-flow wastewater pumping stations using submersible nonclog pumps or submersible grinder pumps Codified
M 93-03 Maintenance procedures for sewer grinder pumps Codified
FIN-FI-2018 Local business investment and growth (BIG) program; supersedes FIN-FI-2016-012 Codified
FIN-FI-2016-012 Local business investment and growth (BIG) program 11/16/2016 Superseded by FIN-FI-2018
W 8.0 Leak on property Codified
CON 95-05 Investigation of violations pertaining to fats, oil and grease discharges Codified
Industrial discharge control program enforcement response plan Codified