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Number Description Action Date Disposition
WOD 82-05 Water pumping station piping color code Codified
W 19.0 Water main – out of service procedures Codified
Res. 2019-2218 Water connection pipe emergency replacement loan program 4/17/2019 Codified
Water and sewer authorization process manual Codified
ADM 3.0 Utility worker trainee certification program Codified
REG-IFSM-EC-2014-002 Utility erosion and sediment control regulation Codified
REG-WWM-PR-2301-001 Use regulations for the Triadelphia and T. Howard Duckett watersheds Codified
REG-IFSM-EC-2016-007 Use of the sewer model in conjunction with Phase 1 hydraulic planning analyses 9/21/2016 Codified
CUS 96-01 Temporary use of WSSC fire hydrants; supersedes M&O 92-01 7/31/1996 Codified
CUS 98-01 System development charge levy and collection Codified
Res. 2023-2341 Surplus business property and scrap metal disposition procedure 6/21/2023 Codified
Supplier guide for supplier registration and solicitation access (6.25) Codified
C 79-02 Standard procedure for pipeline “as-builts” Codified
REG-PROC-SD-2017-005 Small local business enterprise (SLBE) program; supersedes SLBE 12-01 3/15/2017 Codified
SLBE 12-01 Small local business enterprise (SLBE) program Superseded by REG-PROC-SD-2017-005
Document dated July 1, 2020 SDC credits and reimbursements; amends Ch. 5.95, §§ 6.20.060, 9.85.050 and 9.170.040; supersedes IFSM-EC-2016-004 7/1/2020 Codified
IFSM-EC-2016-004 SDC credits and reimbursements 4/29/2016 Superseded
W 5.0 S 3.0 Right-of-way taps Codified
CUS 12-01 Resolving customer complaints: unpaid water/sewer bills Codified
L 07-01 Requests for WSSC records under the Maryland Public Information Act Codified
REG-ADM-CS-2013-002 Reimbursement of expenses for volunteer board members Codified
ENG 09-03 Refund of fees or charges associated with the system extension permit (developer built) process Codified
ADM 92-04 Public use of Consolidated Office Building facilities Codified
IA 06-01 Public review of employee financial disclosure statements Codified
Property assessments manual Codified