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References to Files

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This table lists all files referenced in the WSSC Code of Regulations by chapter.

Title 1, Governance

Chapter 1.10, Access to Sensitive Engineering Records

Chapter 1.65, Board of Ethics Rules of Procedure

Chapter 1.75, Public Review of Employee Financial Disclosure Statements

Title 2, Administration

Chapter 2.15, Procedures for Issuing State of Maryland Uniform Civil Citations

Title 3, Customer Management

Chapter 3.50, Leak on Property

Chapter 3.57, Temporary Use of WSSC Fire Hydrants

Title 5, Financial Management

Chapter 5.65, Property Assessments Manual

Chapter 5.90, System Development Charge Levy and Collection

Chapter 5.95, SDC Credits and Reimbursements

Title 6, Procurement

Chapter 6.05, Centralized Bidder Registration (CBR) Procedures

Chapter 6.15, Procurement Regulations

Chapter 6.25, Supplier Guide for Supplier Registration and Solicitation Access

Title 11, Infrastructure Management

Chapter 11.110, Addition, Deletion, or Revision of Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Standards

Chapter 11.115, Comprehensive Collection System and Maintenance Plan – New Sewer Design and Construction

Chapter 11.120, Mechanical and Electrical Design Guidelines for Low-Flow Wastewater Pumping Stations Using Submersible Nonclog Pumps or Submersible Grinder Pumps

Chapter 11.125, Mechanical and Electrical Design Guidelines for Water Booster Pumping Stations

Chapter 11.170, Water and Sewer Authorization Process Manual

Title 13, Property Management

Chapter 13.80, Procedure for Disposition of Surplus Business Property and Scrap Metal

Title 14, Regulatory Services

Chapter 14.05, Industrial Discharge Control Program Enforcement Response Plan

Chapter 14.10, Cross-Connection Control Program (CCP)

Chapter 14.15, Fats, Oils and Grease Program

Title 15, Risk Management

Chapter 15.160, Emergency Water Use Restrictions for the Bowie Pressure Zone

Chapter 15.165, Emergency Water Use Restrictions for the Montgomery County High and Dependent Zones

Chapter 15.172, Notification and Posting Requirements Regarding Sewage Leaks to Counties, Municipal Corporations, and to the General Public

Chapter 15.190, Firearms Authorization