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(a) Personnel Requisition.

(1) A request to fill a vacated or newly created position is facilitated with a personnel requisition. The requisition must be completed and submitted electronically through the applicant tracking system. All required sections of the requisition must be completed.

(2) All requisitions must be approved by the assigned Team Chief/Director and by the Group Leader, Budget Group, or designee.

(b) Job Posting.

(1) All positions for which personnel requisitions have been submitted and approved are posted on the online Career Center on the WSSC Internet page.

(2) Requisitions must be posted for a minimum of three weeks (two weeks for reposts) before candidates are reviewed for further consideration.

(c) Recruitment.

(1) The Human Resources Office (HRO) Talent Acquisition Division will source and review applications from candidates within and outside the WSSC. The HRO Talent Acquisition Division will also negotiate fees, contracts, and terms with outside employment agencies and advertising vendors.

Typically, the HRO Talent Acquisition Division will decide which sourcing methods are likely to be most effective for the position vacancy; however, the hiring manager is encouraged to offer sourcing recommendations. The sourcing methods selected may include advertisements on Internet job boards, in newspapers and/or professional journals, listings with public and/or private employment agencies, and/or other appropriate resources.

(2) The HRO Talent Acquisition Division will enable viewing of internal and external candidate applications/resumes which meet the position’s minimum requirements within the applicant tracking tool.

(d) Employment Applications.

(1) Employment applications are accepted only when a vacancy has been announced.

(2) Employment applications are only accepted via the online applicant tracking tool. Candidates for employment should complete and submit a completed WSSC employment application (internal employees should complete and submit a WSSC employee application) to express formal interest in a posted vacancy.

(3) Resumes and other related documentation may also be required.

(e) Employment Interviews.

(1) The hiring manager (or delegate) will schedule employment interviews; however, the HRO Talent Acquisition Division may also assist with scheduling employment interviews.

(2) The hiring manager will select an appropriate sample of eligible and qualified applicants for interview. After selecting the applicants, the hiring manager will notify the HRO Talent Acquisition Division of the names of those applicants and the dates and times of the interviews. Hiring managers who are selecting candidates to interview for a job associated with the labor union must follow the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.

(3) Before interviews begin, the hiring manager and members of the interview panel must disclose any potential conflict of interest (see WSSC Code of Ethics, WSSC Chapter 1.70). All interview panel members who disclose a potential conflict of interest are not permitted to participate on the interview panel. Failure of the hiring manager to uphold the Commission’s equal employment opportunity policy (WSSC Chapter 9.335), principles and Code of Ethics (WSSC Chapter 1.70) throughout the interview process may result in disciplinary action under WSSC policy and cancellation of an offer of employment to the selected applicant.

(4) The HRO Talent Acquisition Division will conduct all pre-offer discussions with the applicant, verifying that the applicant meets the minimum position requirements, describing the position’s general duties, explaining the position’s salary range, and discussing Commission benefits, history, and organizational structure. The HRO Talent Acquisition Division or designated employee training units will administer all required preemployment skills testing, unless the testing must be conducted within a specific environment (e.g., trades shop, etc.).

(f) Applicant Selection and Conditional Employment Offers.

(1) The hiring manager and interview panel members will review each applicant’s qualifications, skills and interview scores to determine which applicant(s) are best qualified. Upon completion of interviews, the hiring manager and interview panel will complete, sign and send a recommendation form, which serves as justification and agreement for the selected applicant(s). All nonconflict of interest forms should also be forwarded, if not previously submitted.

(2) Only a member of the HRO Talent Acquisition Division and the HR Director are authorized to directly negotiate and extend conditional employment offers. All conditional employment offers are contingent upon:

(i) A satisfactory reference check.

(ii) A successful preemployment drug screening.

(iii) Satisfactory completion of any preemployment medical examination that may be necessary to ensure that the applicant is physically able to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without a reasonable accommodation.

(iv) A satisfactory preemployment background check for the position offered.

(g) Reference and Background Checks.

(1) The Human Resources Office (or vendor) will conduct reference checks on behalf of WSSC on all applicants who have accepted conditional offers of employment. Exceptions may be made for student interns and WSSC rehires. When the reference checks are completed, the Human Resources Office will notify the hiring manager of clearance for employment.

(2) WSSC will conduct job-related, legally compliant background checks on all applicants (including student interns) who have accepted conditional offers of employment. In addition, current employees who accept conditional offers of promotion or transfer may also be subject to a background check that is job-related and consistent with the business-related needs of the position filled.

(3) Police officer applicants are subject to a separate, legally compliant investigation conducted by certified police investigators within the Police and Homeland Security Division as permitted by the Maryland Police Training Commission (see WSSC Chapter 9.170, Background Investigations).

(4) If the background check reveals sufficient information to warrant disqualification, the applicant will be notified and permitted an opportunity to respond and explain the circumstances leading to the disclosure of the unfavorable information. The Human Resources Director or designee will give careful consideration to the explanatory information provided by the applicant before making a decision on whether the unfavorable information merits disqualification. All disqualification decisions made by the Human Resources Director or designee will be final. Further details of the background check policy and process are available in WSSC Chapter 9.170, Background Investigations.

(h) Preemployment Medical Examinations.

(1) Prior to onboarding, the selected applicant must pass a drug screening at a WSSC designated medical facility. The applicant’s conditional offer of employment will be withdrawn if the drug screening indicates the presence of any of the following substances as identified in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Code of Federal Regulations:

(i) Marijuana metabolites.

(ii) Cocaine metabolites.

(iii) Opiate metabolites (opium and codeine derivatives).

(iv) Amphetamine metabolites (amphetamines and methamphetamines).

(v) Phencyclidine (PCP).

(2) In addition, the selected applicant must pass any physical examinations necessary to ensure the applicant can meet the physical requirements of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, and be able to perform the essential functions of the job. Failure to be medically cleared to perform a job, as determined by the WSSC designated medical facility, may result in the withdrawal of the conditional employment offer.

(i) Employment Approval.

(1) After the selected applicant has accepted a conditional employment offer and has met the conditions of the employment offer, a personnel action notification (PAN) form (or successor) will be generated. Authority for formally requesting and approving the employment of an individual is in accordance with the current signature requirements indicated in personnel action notification policy (WSSC Chapter 9.100) (or successor).

(2) The HRO Talent Acquisition Division will forward a copy of the completed and authorized PAN to the Team Chief/Director when the selected applicant’s effective date of employment is confirmed and when all necessary preemployment processing has been completed, including the applicable background check and drug screening.

(3) Failure of the hiring manager or interview panel to uphold the Commission’s equal opportunity policy (WSSC Chapter 9.335), principles and Code of Ethics (WSSC Chapter 1.70) throughout the recruitment process may result in disciplinary action under WSSC policy and the cancellation of an employment offer to the selected applicant(s).

(j) Financial Disclosure.

(1) Applicants selected to fill positions at or above the Unit Coordinator level and other positions designated by the General Manager must complete a financial disclosure questionnaire, in accordance with the WSSC Code of Ethics (WSSC Chapter 1.70), within 30 days of hire.

(2) If the information disclosed indicates that the applicant will be in violation of the financial conflict provisions of the WSSC Code of Ethics, the Human Resources Director or the Ethics Officer may declare the applicant ineligible for employment.

(k) Employee Processing.

(1) The Police and Homeland Security Division will photograph and issue identification and facility access badges to all new and returning employees.

(2) The Human Resources Office will ensure that new employees complete required tax forms, beneficiary forms, identification forms, and other forms for onboarding purposes. (Amended during 2019 codification; REG-HRM-HR-2014-006 § II)