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(a) Utility workers will be scheduled to attend required classroom training.

(b) Utility workers will be rotated through all field maintenance programs.

(c) Utility workers will be field tested by Crew Chiefs for performance of proper maintenance skills.

(d) Record Keeping.

(1) Crew Chief prepares certification support documents.

(2) Supervisor records and signs permanent certification record.

(e) Promotion Requirements.

(1) CDL permit must be obtained within one year.

(2) Must be a utility worker trainee for two years.

(3) Must have completed all certification requirements.

(4) Have no active written warnings.

(5) Have at least a fully satisfactory evaluation.

(f) Certification requirements must be obtained within two years of acceptance of utility worker trainee position.

(g) Probation. Employees who fail to obtain certification in two years will be placed on probation for one additional year and must obtain certification during this probationary period. During this third year, employee must obtain certification or utilize P/TOP to obtain another position or be released. (ADM 3.0 § III)