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6.35.120 Supplier diversity distributor (value-added) program.
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(a) Agreements, contracts and decisions under this section shall be approved by the Chief Procurement Officer after consultation with the SLMBE Director or designee.

(b) Leveraging Intergovernmental and Cooperative Agreements. In accordance with WSSC Chapter 6.15, use intergovernmental agreements when possible and as approved by the Chief Procurement Officer to identify WSSC-approved SLBE value added distributors/resellers/suppliers (local and regional) on schedules (and awardees) to negotiate pricing/quotes.

(c) Construction Direct Purchasing. For fairly simple and routine, but labor intensive, construction projects that require the purchase of only a relative few construction supply materials, the SLMBE Office in partnership with the originating (using department or end-user) department to directly purchase in bulk and to warehouse or store some, or all, of the required construction supply materials for all such projects, and to issue bid solicitations that require bidder/respondent/participants to submit bids based upon labor costs only, with the selected contractor having the responsibility to transport required quantities of construction supplies from WSSC warehouse to the job site, and for providing construction services associated with the use, inspection or installation of WSSC construction supplies. In determining whether to apply this program element to a particular series of contracts, the SLMBE Office will consult and work closely with the originating department and Procurement to determine the feasibility and cost effectiveness of bulk purchases and warehousing of required construction supplies by WSSC, and for managing the release of appropriate quantities of warehoused supplies to selected contractors. This race- and gender-neutral element is intended to assist local or regional SLBE prime contractors that may have difficulty obtaining preferred pricing and credit from construction suppliers where the cost of construction supplies is largely determinative of the lowest responsible bid.

(d) Distributorship Development Program. For those industry segments of WSSC purchases that have demonstrated very low availability of WSSC-approved SLBE suppliers, WSSC-approved SLBE authorized dealers/resellers, or WSSC-approved SLBE distributorships, the SLMBE Office may direct or partner with originating departments to offer certain incentives to those manufacturers and wholesale distributors of those goods and products that participate in this program element. (REG-PROC-SD-2017-005 § V(G))