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(a) WSSC shall implement and maintain a small contracts rotation program to provide an orderly and efficient method of awarding purchases and work, and to equitably distribute purchases and work among qualified SLBEs.

(b) Contracts may be assigned on a rotating basis, except where it is otherwise determined to be in the best interest of the Commission.

(c) The small contract rotation program will be widely advertised to WSSC-approved SLBEs. WSSC may provide technical assistance and guidance to outside financial assistance to firms that participate in the rotation.

(d) In the small contract rotation program, collectively, WSSC-approved SLBE primes and subcontractors must retain 60 percent of the contract value. This requirement does not apply to supply contracts, licensing agreements and distributorship agreements. Any WSSC-approved SLBE awarded a WSSC contract under this policy as a prime consultant/contractor shall not subcontract more than 40 percent of the contract value to a firm other than to other certified MBEs or WSSC-approved SLBEs. (REG-PROC-SD-2017-005 § V(F))