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(a) Specifications. WSSC shall establish a system to monitor monthly contract compliance to ensure that the subcontractor participation listed in bids, proposals, and statements of qualification is achieved throughout the duration of a contract. The system shall: track and report subcontractor utilization in an electronic database; collect copies of the canceled checks (before closeout of contracts with signed affidavits from prime contractors) written to subcontractors in order to verify payment information; and impose penalties for failure to pay a listed subcontractor for work performed. The OSDI will ensure compliance with SLBE or MBE program policies with the full support of the appropriate WSSC personnel. The compliance monitoring should verify the prime contractors’ subcontracting commitments after the award of the contract.

(b) Applicability. Architectural and engineering; construction services; goods and services; professional services. (REG-PROC-SD-2017-004 § V(I))