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Noncompetitive procurement procedures may be utilized for certain categories of goods and supplies and services only upon a determination that such procedures are in WSSC’s best interests. The following categories of goods and supplies or services may be purchased using noncompetitive procedures upon written approval of the Chief Procurement Officer.

(a) Purchase, rent, or lease of land or other interest in real property;

(b) Personal property sold at an auction by a licensed auctioneer;

(c) Legal services;

(d) Medical services;

(e) Research and educational items and services;

(f) Standardized item or service from a single source or several selected sources when such standardization is deemed in the best interests of WSSC;

(g) Confidential investigative goods and supplies and/or services;

(h) Samples for testing purposes;

(i) Repair, maintenance, reconditioning, and/or overhaul of equipment, devices, or software by the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s sole agent; and

(j) Services incidental to debt and debt issuances. (Procurement regulations § 4-901, dated August 1, 2012)