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(a) Policy. Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Chief Procurement Officer, the head of a using department or their respective designee(s) may make or authorize others to make emergency procurements when an emergency exists and has been declared pursuant to WSSC Chapter 1.15, Article IV.

(b) Definition of Emergency. “Emergency” means a sudden, unexpected occurrence or condition which creates an immediate need for goods and supplies, services, or construction which cannot be met through normal procurement methods, and the lack of which would seriously threaten one or more of the following:

(1) The health, safety, or welfare of any person;

(2) The preservation, protection, or mitigation of loss of property;

(3) The continuation of essential WSSC functions; or

(4) The continuation of essential WSSC services.

(c) Scope of Emergency Procurements. Emergency procurements shall be limited to those goods and supplies, services, or construction items necessary to meet the emergency.

(d) Authority to Make Emergency Procurements. In the event of an emergency, the Chief Procurement Officer or designee shall have the signatory authority for all agreements or changes to such agreements concerning the emergency without regard to dollar value. (Procurement regulations § 4-206, dated August 1, 2012)