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WSSC may, without competition, enter into a contract with a person if:

(a) The Chief Procurement Officer determines that:

(1) The person has an existing contract with another public entity for the goods and supplies, services, or construction which WSSC would like to procure;

(2) A bridge contract is in the best interests of WSSC; and

(3) The contract between the person and the other public entity was awarded as the result of a competitive selection process acceptable to the Chief Procurement Officer; and

(b) The person agrees to:

(1) Provide WSSC materially the same specifications being provided the other public entity;

(2) Provide WSSC the same prices being charged the other public entity; and

(3) Additional terms and conditions, if any, proposed by WSSC. (Procurement regulations § 4-113, dated August 1, 2012)