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6.15.140 MBE and SLBE procurement assistance.
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(a) The Chief Procurement Officer will support efforts of the SLMBE Office/Supplier Diversity Office in carrying out its objectives as set forth in the Public Utilities Article, § 20-201 et seq. and § 20-301 et seq., and all relevant standard procedures.

(b) Subject to the approval of the General Manager/Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Procurement Officer has the final authority to promulgate procurement policies, instructions, and procedures that support the efforts, goals, and mandate of the SLMBE Office/Supplier Diversity Office to actively promote equal opportunity for all segments of the contracting and business community to participate in WSSC contracts; provided, that such policies, instructions and procedures are in accordance with and cause no conflicts with MBE and SLBE standard procedures adopted by the Commission or with applicable law. (Procurement regulations § 3-204, dated August 1, 2012)