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(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, for wet weather projects only, WSSC may issue SDC reimbursements to the applicant from SDC funds collected from the entire county in which the qualified project is located.

(b) Prior to the final audit, the developer may submit quarterly invoices for reimbursement (less any SDC vouchers for the developer’s project) for up to 80 percent of the estimated total eligible costs agreed upon in the MOU or SEP. All invoices submitted shall be subject to review and approval by the Development Services Group Project Manager assigned to the project, or another staff member as designated by the Development Services Group Leader.

(c) WSSC shall reimburse the developer for quarterly invoices submitted pursuant to subsection (b) of this section by first drawing from the eligible SDC receipts from properties served by the qualified project as set forth in WSSC 5.95.030(r) and (s). Should the SDC receipts from the qualified project become insufficient to cover the invoices, WSSC shall reimburse the developer from SDC funds from the entire county.

(d) Following the final audit conducted pursuant to WSSC 5.95.030(m), additional reimbursements and credits will be made by WSSC, up to maximum eligible costs as set forth in WSSC 5.95.030(i). (Document dated July 1, 2020)