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(a) For a project either in Phase 1 or Phase 2, if the service for which the fee or charge was assessed has been performed by WSSC, in whole or part, the refund request will be denied.

(b) Refunds. In conformance with the Public Utilities Article, § 25-106, Annotated Code of Maryland: Unless a claim for refund is filed with the WSSC within three years from the date of payment for which a refund is requested, the claim shall automatically be disallowed.

(c) For a project in Phase 3, if the preconstruction meeting has occurred for the SEP project or any of the associated dependent projects, the refund and release of bonds will be denied. Note: If a refund request results in canceling a SEP project(s) the Development Services Group will determine if there are surrounding projects that are dependent upon the job(s) and notify the affected applicants of the canceled project(s).

(d) Projects canceled in Phase 1 or Phase 2 will incur new and possibly increased fees/charges if the project is reactivated at a future date. If requested in writing, Development Services Group will advise the applicant in writing of the specific consequences, if any, of canceling a project or projects and receiving a refund. If written confirmation from the applicant to proceed with the refund has not been received within 60 days after WSSC gives such advice, Development Services Group will consider the refund request withdrawn. Future refund requests for the same project will require a new refund request letter as set forth in WSSC 5.85.030, Procedures. (Amended during 2019 codification; ENG 09-03 § 4)