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(a) “Applicant” means a firm, corporation, municipality, agency, or person who owns or develops property and who seeks water or sewer service provided by systems or facilities within the Washington Suburban Sanitary District.

(b) “Dependent project” means a project that relies on another project to be completed.

(c) “Letter of findings” means documentation from WSSC on acceptable layout and sizing for proposed water and/or sewer extensions. This correspondence states all pertinent hydraulic information for the proposed development and sets forth any conditions that must be met prior to service being provided.

(d) “SEP fees or charges” means any Commission approved fee or charge associated with the design review, inspection and administrative costs of an SEP project from application to release for service.

(e) SEP Phases. WSSC’s SEP development process, as defined in the Development Services Code, has three phases:

(1) “Phase 1/planning assistance” means review of all proposed plan documents, such as county preliminary plans, site plans, detailed site plans and hydraulic planning analysis submissions, for review/evaluation prior to the submission of water/sewer extension design plans.

(2) “Phase 2/review for system integrity” means review of all plans/documents submitted for review/approval prior to the project being transmitted to the Systems Inspection Group for construction inspection/testing/acceptance.

(3) “Phase 3/construction” means WSSC’s inspection, testing, approval and acceptance for operation/maintenance of a project built by applicant.

(f) “SEP process” means where the applicant designs and constructs all systems, facilities, or connections in accordance with WSSC standards and technical criteria, and transfers the same to WSSC for operation and maintenance when the construction and testing has been completed to the satisfaction of WSSC and all conditions set forth in the systems extension permit are met.

(g) “System extension permit (SEP)” means a permit issued to an applicant allowing construction of water and/or sewer extensions and connections in accordance with WSSC approved plans prepared by the applicant’s engineer. Projects built under an SEP are referred to as SEP projects or developer-built projects. (ENG 09-03 § 2)