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5.65.420 On-site water/sewer system.
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“On-site” water or sewer systems are those lines that are privately owned, constructed and maintained. Properties served by most on-site systems are exempt from FFBC assessment because the systems were built and financed by a private developer. However, should WSSC have to extend its water or sewer system to provide service to properties served by the on-site system, the properties will be assessed FFBC. Also, should WSSC be requested and agree to take over or assume ownership of a residential on-site system, and the system needs to be upgraded to meet WSSC standards, the owners of the properties may reimburse WSSC for its rehabilitation costs through payment of a special annual assessment. See WSSC Chapter 13.05, WSSC Acquisition of On-Site Water/Sewer Systems. (Property assessments manual § 10.5, dated October 1998)