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(a) The leak is determined to be on property. The pink door hanger will be left, with the date of inspection written in at the top. The Inspector, Crew Chief, or Supervisor should ensure that the door hanger is left secure, so as not to be blown away.

(b) Should the Inspector, Crew Chief, or Supervisor determine that the leak is causing damage to private/public property, or is causing a hazardous condition, he/she will turn the water off and mark the appropriate box.

(c) The Facilities Maintenance Division will review all leak work orders on a daily basis and follow up with a letter to the customer advising them again that they have 15 days from the date of inspection to make repairs. The letters will be sent out based on the reports given to the radio room; it is very important that these reports be accurate and specific.

(d) Each letter will be followed up on to ensure that repairs are made in a timely manner. If possible, calls will be made to the occupants on the fourteenth or fifteenth day to determine if any work has been done.

(e) If no notification is received that repairs have been made, a work order will be generated for a follow-up inspection. Should the inspector find there is still a leak, the water will be turned off and the appropriate box on the door hanger marked.

(f) If the location of the leak cannot be determined (on or off property), the leak detection crew will provide assistance. The Inspection Section Contract Managers should be contacted for assistance. (Amended during 2019 codification; W 8.0 § II)