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In this chapter, the following words have the meanings indicated:

(a) “Account maintenance fee” or “AMF” means the fee that covers the cost to bring water and sewer service to every home and business including meters, meter readers, and billing.

(b) “Chesapeake Bay restoration fund fee” or “BRF” is a fee levied by the State of Maryland, collected and remitted to the Comptroller of Maryland by WSSC.

(c) “Commission” or “WSSC” means the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.

(d) “Customer assistance program” or “CAP” means a financial assistance program for eligible, low-income residential households served by WSSC.

(e) “Customer assistance program participant, ratepayer or eligible customer” means a household deemed eligible for financial assistance based on eligibility criteria as established by the WSSC or any associated partner agency.

(f) “Infrastructure investment fee” or “IIF” is a fee that funds a portion of the debt service associated with the replacement and rehabilitation of system infrastructure.

(g) “Partner agency” means an agency that provides assistance to income eligible residents in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties using income guidelines and a certification process that is uniformly applied in both jurisdictions.

(h) “Ready-to-serve fee” means the fee charged to WSSC customers that has two components, the:

(1) Account maintenance fee; and

(2) Infrastructure investment fee. (Res. 2019-2235; REG-CUM-CC-2018-012 § (a))