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(a) WSSC may issue estimated bills for periods of six months or less.

(b) Estimated bills shall be based on historical ADC.


(1) Except as provided in subsection (e) of this section, once a meter reading is obtained, WSSC shall issue a new bill based on the actual usage since the last actual bill was rendered.

(2) The new bill shall:

(i) Cancel the charges included on the estimated bill; and

(ii) Show a credit for any payment received by WSSC on the estimated bill.

(d) An estimated bill shall include a special message requesting that the customer contact WSSC.

(e) When a meter reading is unobtainable due to a metering equipment malfunction or theft of service, WSSC may:

(1) Replace or repair the meter; and

(2) Estimate the usage through the date of the meter change or repair. (Res. 2019-2220)