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(a) “Actual cash value” means the value of an item of personal property after depreciation has been calculated.

(b) “Bodily injury” means physical injury or illness alleged to have resulted from a water main break or sewer backup.

(c) “Depreciation” means the measurement of the gradual loss of value of an asset through increasing age, natural wear and tear, or deterioration.

(d) “Liability” means responsibility under the law for damages caused as a result of the breach of a recognized duty to an individual as created by the common and/or statutory law of the State of Maryland.

(e) “Motor vehicle accident” means an incident in which an automobile, while being operated, collides with anything causing damage to the automobile or the object collided with.

(f) “No fault” means the payment, regardless of legal liability, of damages resulting from a sewer backup or water main when such lines are maintained by WSSC as authorized by the Public Utilities Article, § 17-407, Annotated Code of Maryland.

(g) “Personal property” means any movable item or asset owned by a claimant, as distinguished from real property.

(h) “Real property” means all land, structures built upon land, firmly attached and integrated equipment (such as light structures) and anything growing upon the land.

(i) “Replacement cost” means the cost associated with purchasing anew any item of personal property regardless of age or condition. (Amended during 2019 codification; CUS 08-01 § 2)