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(1) Upon receipt of an incident report, a third-party hotline interview specialist will commence to gather relevant facts.

(2) After incident reports are reviewed for quality assurance, they will be automatically disseminated to the recipients designated by the Office of the Inspector General.

(3) Based on the information disseminated, the action warranted may include investigative work by a combination of resources outlined above.

(b) The Office of the Inspector General is responsible for including necessary language in the contract with the fraud waste and abuse hotline provider to ensure that an allegation made concerning the Office or the OIG is forwarded by the hotline provider directly to the Chair of the Commission and the Corporate Secretary.

(c) Information sharing will only be done on a legitimate need-to-know basis with relevant parties, including external law enforcement officials.


(1) To the extent possible within the limitations of law, policy, and the need to conduct a competent investigation, an effort will be made to maintain confidentiality.

(2) It is possible that the identity of the reporting individual and that of the alleged violator may become known for reasons outside of the control of the investigator, the WSSC, or both.

(e) Summary reports that analyze incidents and hotline activity, including the results of all ongoing investigations, will be provided to management, the General Manager or WSSC Commissioners, or both, as appropriate for oversight responsibilities. (Document dated July 1, 2020)