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(a) Copies. The fee for each copy is $0.25 per page (letter or legal size) if reproduction is made by a photocopy machine within WSSC. Large size plans are $2.50 per sheet for xerographic or $4.00 per sheet for sepia/mylar. If records are not susceptible to photocopying (for example, electronic records, magnetic tapes, blueprints, and microfilm), the fee for copies must be based on the actual cost of reproduction incurred by WSSC.

(b) Certification of Copies. If a person requests that the custodian certify a copy of a record as a true copy, the custodian may charge a fee of $0.50 per page.

(c) Minimum Fee Charged. The custodian must not charge a fee if the total amount of the fee would be $1.00 or less.

(d) Transcripts. If a transcript of an audiotaped meeting or hearing is requested, the fee shall be the actual cost of producing the transcript. If the transcript already exists, the fee shall be $0.25 per page.

(e) Exceptions. The foregoing fee provisions notwithstanding, if the fees for copies, printouts of electronic documents, photographs, or certified copies of any record are specifically prescribed by a law other than the Act or this regulation, the custodian must charge the prescribed fee. (L 07-01 Schedule A)