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(a) If the custodian denies a request to inspect or copy all or part of a public record of the WSSC, the applicant may, within 30 calendar days after receipt of the notice of denial, request an administrative hearing.

(b) If the applicant requests a hearing:

(1) The hearing shall be governed by Title 10, Subtitle 2 of the State Government Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland and WSSC Chapter 2.35, Procedure for Adjudicatory Hearings (as amended); and

(2) The Corporate Secretary shall issue the final decision of the WSSC.

(c) If the hearing results in a total or partial denial of the request, the applicant may file an appropriate action in the Circuit Court under § 4-362 of the Act.

(d) If the applicant does not request a hearing, the applicant may file an action for judicial enforcement under § 4-362 of the Act without exhausting that administrative remedy. (Amended during 2019 codification; L 07-01 § 12)