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(a) Inspections.

(1) Except as otherwise provided in this regulation, the custodian should generally make public records available for inspection by an applicant without demanding a written request.

(2) The custodian must require a written request if the custodian reasonably believes that:

(i) The applicant is a party (or acting on behalf of a party) in litigation with either the WSSC or a WSSC employee; or

(ii) The Act, or any other law, may prevent the disclosure of the record to the applicant; or

(iii) A written request will materially assist the custodian in responding to the request; or

(iv) The request may involve more than $100.00 in employee costs to search for and prepare the requested records, or more than $100.00 in reproduction costs.

(b) Copies. If the applicant requests a copy of any public record, the custodian may require a written request from that applicant.

(c) Transcripts. Any request for a transcript of a WSSC meeting or WSSC public hearing shall be in writing. (L 07-01 § 5)