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(a) The Hearing Officer shall ensure that all proceedings shall be digitally or stenographically recorded, with the exception of refund hearings in which the amount in controversy is less than $5,000, in which case the proceedings may be tape recorded.

(b) The Hearing Officer shall ensure that all pleadings, testimony, written statements of position, studies, reports, exhibits, orders, stenographic notes, if applicable, tapes, or transcripts of any hearings or arguments and other documents required by the State Government Article, § 10-218, Annotated Code of Maryland, are compiled as the official record of the adjudicatory hearing. The Corporate Secretary is responsible for maintaining the official record, when compiled, in the Corporate Secretary’s office.

(c) A party who desires a copy of a transcript of the hearing may request a copy from the Hearing Officer, who shall provide it to the party, provided the party pays the transcription costs. If the transcript is prepared by a private stenographer, the Hearing Officer may direct interested persons to make arrangements for obtaining copies by dealing directly with the stenographer. (REG-LGS-GC-2014-002 § VIII)