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In this chapter the following terms have the meanings indicated:

(a) “Adjudicatory hearing” means a hearing in a contested case conducted according to the Administrative Procedure Act, relevant provisions of the Public Utilities Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland and relevant WSSC regulations, or any other hearing designated by the Commission as being subject to this chapter.

(b) “Administrative Procedure Act (APA)” means the Administrative Procedure Act, Subtitle 2 (Contested Cases), State Government Article, §§ 10-201 through 10-226, Annotated Code of Maryland.

(c) “Commissioner” means any Commissioner of WSSC.

(d) “Hearing Officer” means any Commissioner, the Corporate Secretary, the General Manager/CEO, a Team Chief or the Director of any WSSC office, or any other person who has been delegated authority to conduct an adjudicatory hearing.

(e) “Requester” means an individual who: (1) requests an adjudicatory hearing and who intends to become or has become a party to the proceedings; and (2) whose legal rights, duties, or privileges have been adversely affected by a decision of the WSSC.

(f) “WSSC” or “Commission” means the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission. (REG-LGS-GC-2014-002 § IV)