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2.10.020 Policy.
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WSSC will use the following as a guide in providing mitigative measures for WSSC capital projects impacting neighborhoods and/or park areas:

(a) The Commission is prepared to provide community enhancements commensurate with any temporary or long-term community or park area disruption caused by WSSC projects. Mitigation may include but not be limited to such things as unique designs, park/play areas, innovative screening, enhanced landscaping and consolidation of facilities.

(b) The Commission will contribute its fair share regarding any cooperative ventures with governmental agencies. The Commission shall take all appropriate actions to ensure that WSSC resources not be disproportionately drawn upon for the general public welfare, other than in fulfillment of WSSC’s principal mission. Accordingly, the need to achieve a fair and proper balance between appropriate governmental agencies shall be a focus of all planning processes for these ventures. Joint use facilities will also be considered. Whenever possible during planning, the Commission will encourage joint use and proportionate payment responsibility when it is feasible to combine community and/or public needs into a single facility. (GM 94-01)