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(a) In Level II, the following Level I restrictions have been expanded:

(1) Prohibit all use of hoses, sprinklers, or other means for sprinkling or watering of shrubbery, trees, lawns, grass, plants, vines, gardens, vegetables, flowers, or any other vegetation. The use of buckets of water for such vegetation is permitted.

(2) Prohibit all use of water for washing automobiles, trucks, trailers, trailer-houses, or any other type of mobile equipment, except where automatic car washing equipment is employed and a recirculating system is used, which reuses at least 50 percent of the water.

(3) Swimming or wading pools are only to be filled or refilled by tank trucks supplied with water from outside the restricted area. This includes make-up water.

(4) Restaurants, drive-ins, fast food, and miscellaneous eating facilities:

(i) Discontinue all dish washing. (Paper service could be used in lieu of china and glassware.)

(ii) Discontinue use of garbage disposal.

(iii) Reduce floor washing in customer area. Sweep only and damp mop.

(iv) No water to be served except on request.

(b) The following Level I restrictions remain unchanged in Level II:

(1) Discontinue operation of all water-demanding amenities such as ornamental fountains, waterfalls, and reflecting ponds.

(2) Prohibit the washing of streets, driveways, parking lots, service station aprons, apartments, sidewalks, exterior of homes, office buildings or other outdoor surfaces. The use of buckets of water for such purposes is permitted.

(3) The use of water from fire hydrants is prohibited for any purpose other than fire extinguishing or water interconnection, except for essential static or residual fire plan tests.

(4) Washing machines to be loaded to full capacity when used. Businesses such as, but not limited to, beauty salons, barber shops, and car washes that wash linens in on-premises washing machines are to load to full capacity and at minimum wash cycle.

(c) Level II includes the following additional restrictions:

(1) As a goal, residents should (voluntarily) limit water consumption (one shower, one flush per person per day, one laundry per family every other day).

(2) Hotels, motels, inns and boarding houses:

(i) Change bed linen every other day except when there is a change of occupant.

(ii) Shut off water supply to all public convenience ice cube making machines.

(iii) Instruct maids to use buckets for bathroom cleaning. (WOD 90-02 Appx. B)