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15.160.070 Implementation.
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These restrictions will be implemented by direction of the General Manager. The counties will be notified through the General Manager’s Office. Notification, within WSSC, will be coordinated by the Production Department. When any restrictions are implemented, WSSC will immediately discontinue all routine flushing and large meter testing in the affected area. The Utility Services Department will upgrade response priority for all reported leaks in the affected area. The Meter Services Division will individually notify major fire hydrant meter users likely to be working in the affected area. When Level III restrictions are implemented, affected large users will be notified by direct phone call from the Customer Service Team Office.

When possible, implementation of restrictions should be progressive in nature (i.e., Level I, to Level II, to Level III, to Level II, to Level I). Due to the variability of factors influencing water use, a restriction level, once implemented, will generally not be downgraded for a 14-day period.

The Production Department is responsible for tracking water demand in the affected area and notifying the General Manager when allowable limits have been exceeded. Once the General Manager has initiated or changed a restriction level, the Production Department will be responsible for coordinating all necessary notifications as depicted in Appendix D.

Level I or II will generally be downgraded after 14 days if both the demand has dropped below the initiation level and long range weather forecasts call for diminished water demand. Fourteen days is intended only as a guide; the period will be appropriately adjusted up or down depending upon actual conditions. Level III will be downgraded at the discretion of the General Manager. (Amended during 2019 codification; WOD 90-02)