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This chapter includes three levels of water use restrictions which will be implemented dependent upon the degree of fire flow shortfall in the system.

(a) Level I Restrictions. This is the lowest level of use restriction and primarily depends upon voluntary customer participation to reduce water use during the high demand periods of the day. Specific water restriction guidelines are included in WSSC 15.160.080. This level is designed to reduce peak hour demand on the water system by smoothing (flattening) the daily variation of system demand. Level I will be initiated when the Bowie standpipe water elevation drops below 285 feet. Part of the implementation process will include notification to the public that there may be further water restriction. It is estimated that this restriction level will reduce peak demand by 15 percent, with minimal reduction in average daily flows.

(b) Level II Restrictions. This second level will be implemented when Level I restrictions become inadequate to maintain water usage low enough to protect public safety (fire protection of the affected area). It is expected this level of restriction will reduce peak consumption by 30 percent. Level II will be initiated when Bowie standpipe water elevation drops below 275 feet. Specific restrictions are included in WSSC 15.160.090.

(c) Level III Restrictions. If Level II restrictions are not sufficient to meet fire flow minimums, Level III restrictions will be implemented. Level III will be initiated when Level II has been effective for seven days and daytime high temperatures are expected over 90 degrees for more than five days. In addition to the Level II restrictions, this level includes the shutdown of water service to government, school, and large industrial users located in the affected area. A list of these users will be maintained by the Customer Service Team. It is expected this level of restriction will reduce peak consumption by 35 to 40 percent. (Amended during 2019 codification; WOD 90-02)