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(1) Regardless of the method of disposition, the General Services Department shall report the status of the disposal of any capital movable asset or scrap metal to the Chief Financial Officer or designee within 30 days of the disposition.

(2) The Finance Department shall update the status of the property record in related asset management/inventory systems.

(b) The General Services Department shall inventory all stored surplus capital movable assets no later than June 30th of each year.

(c) The surplus transaction report shall include the following information, as applicable, for every disposition of capital movable assets or tagged and untagged scrap metal, regardless of disposal method:

(1) A description of the item;

(2) Asset number of the item, or part number, if materials inventory;

(3) Original cost of the item, if available, or weighted average cost at the date of disposition, if materials inventory;

(4) Original purchase date of the item;

(5) Original purchase order number for the item;

(6) Method of disposal;

(7) Date of disposal;

(8) Proceeds of sale, as appropriate;

(9) Miscellaneous fees of the sale, as appropriate;

(10) Sales tax collected on the sale, as appropriate;

(11) A bill of sale or other document signed by the receiving entity verifying the acceptance of the capital moveable assets and scrap metal, method of transfer (sale, trade-in, warehouse or scrapped) and the monetary value associated with the transaction; and

(12) Additional information as agreed to by the General Services Department, the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Procurement Officer. (Res. 2023-2341; Amended during 2019 codification; REG-PRM-LO-2014-001 § VII)