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Article II. Permits and Fees
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Every person who has reached his/her sixteenth birthday must possess and carry a WSSC watershed use permit (“use permit”) while: birdwatching, boating, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and/or hunting. A minimum of one person 16 years of age or older must obtain a picnic permit per picnicking group. The cost to purchase a picnic permit is based upon size of the group.

Once purchased, WSSC use and picnic permits are nontransferable and nonrefundable. Use permits and picnic permits are only valid when used by the person or persons to whom they are issued, and must be carried at all times when utilizing WSSC property along with proof of identification. In addition, people who fish or hunt must possess and carry the appropriate Maryland permits, licenses, and stamps.

Every WSSC watershed permit is subject to the condition that it will be revoked whenever the permit holder violates any WSSC regulation/law or State of Maryland law. WSSC may refuse any violator the privilege of any further use of watershed. Any person aggrieved by the decision of WSSC to revoke his/her permit, deny issuance of a permit, or assess fees or fines in relation to a permit may appeal the decision pursuant to WSSC Chapter 2.35, Procedure for Adjudicatory Hearings, by contacting the Corporate Secretary at the Richard G. Hocevar Building. No permit and/or entrance fee will be refunded on revoked use, picnic, and/or entrance permits. (Amended during 2019 codification; REG-WWM-PR-2301-001)