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Article I. General Provisions
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WSSC reservoirs are a source of drinking water for residents, businesses and visitors in the region. The major funding source to purchase, build, maintain and operate the reservoirs is the ratepayers of WSSC. It is imperative that the reservoirs be protected as a source of drinking water as intended. To protect these reservoirs from pollution, vandalism, misuse, and erosion, WSSC adopts and enforces these regulations.

Use of WSSC’s Triadelphia and T. Howard Duckett watersheds (“watershed”) must be consistent with the purpose to provide and protect the public water supply. Remember, visitors are welcome to enjoy our reservoirs and the surrounding recreational areas, but these are not parks. Protecting the quality of our water supply is our first responsibility, so individuals who violate the watershed regulations can and will be prosecuted.

Adequate protection of the reservoirs and watershed requires that some areas be closed to the public, and those areas are marked with permanent or temporary signs indicating “No Trespassing” or other restriction signs. Unless otherwise directed, the public may use designated access points that provide entry to designated roads/trails that provide access to areas suitable for: birdwatching, boating, boat mooring and launching, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, and picnics.

WSSC expects all watershed users to take great care of the reservoirs, their tributaries and shores. WSSC requires all paper, trash, and pet waste to be collected before leaving and be deposited in trash receptacles or taken away for disposal.

WSSC reserves the right, without prior notice, to close a portion of the watershed or close the entire watershed if water quality is negatively affected; water levels drop to unacceptable levels; the health and safety of the watershed, WSSC’s systems, WSSC’s customers, or permitted watershed users are at risk; or for any other reason that is the WSSC’s sole discretion. WSSC reserves the right to change these regulations as needed.

Violations of Division II of the Public Utilities Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, littering, improper disposal of waste, and pollution in any manner are prohibited on WSSC property. No nuisances are allowed. Sanitary facilities are provided near fishing and picnic areas.

Watershed users are urged to report any prohibited and/or illegal activities to WSSC’s police. Watershed maintenance issues should be reported to Brighton Dam Visitors’ Information Center. Note that all telephone numbers associated with these regulations are listed online at (Amended during 2019 codification; REG-WWM-PR-2301-001)