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(a) Open season mooring, allowed March 15th through November 30th; winter mooring, allowed December 1st through March 14th.

WSSC watershed mooring and use permits are required. Sailboats over 14 feet in length are not permitted to be moored.

Persons wishing to moor their boat at designated areas around the reservoirs must purchase a mooring permit in addition to a use permit. Boats may not be moored at either reservoir during the winter mooring season unless a winter mooring fee is paid in advance.

Moored boats must be registered at WSSC’s Brighton Dam Visitors’ Information Center, where it will receive a registration number and registration sticker. The sticker must be placed on the boat’s stern. A mooring fee is chargeable per mooring stake.

Boats must be registered for a mooring space under the name of one owner. Mooring stakes will be assigned as availability allows. Mooring areas are available at designated locations at Triadelphia, Greenbridge, and Scott’s Cove. The owner of a boat assigned to a mooring stake may allow other persons to use the boat, provided the owner makes no charge for this use and the person to whom the boat is loaned has reached his/her eighteenth birthday, possesses a valid WSSC watershed use permit and otherwise abides by the watershed regulations and the laws of the State of Maryland.

(b) Removal and Storage Fees. WSSC will remove boats if owners have not done so by December 1st, if they are placed on the reservoir before the opening date and if the boat was not secured by a winter mooring fee. Boats will also be removed if they do not have a mooring permit, or if they are otherwise in violation of WSSC regulations and/or Maryland law. The owners of all boats removed by WSSC will be charged a removal fee. The owners of these boats will be assessed an additional monthly storage fee, for a period not longer than one year. At the end of that year, if the boat is not claimed and the outstanding fees are not paid, the boat will be considered WSSC property and WSSC will dispose of it as it sees fit.

All boats kept at designated mooring areas must be securely locked at all times, except when in use. Any boat or craft that is not locked may be confiscated by WSSC, and the owner will pay the removal fee and any charges for storage in addition to being subject to a civil citation under Division II of the Public Utilities Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland. Boat or craft removal fees and storage fees are established by the Commission and, from time to time, are subject to change.

(c) Risk and Responsibility. Registered boat or craft owners agree that if he/she uses a mooring stake or operates the boat or craft on the reservoir(s) he/she does so at his/her own and sole risk and that WSSC is not responsible for fire, theft, damage, or loss of the boat or craft or any article left in the boat or craft, and that only permission to tie up that boat or craft is granted by WSSC and no bailment is created. The acceptance of the use permit upon the foregoing terms and conditions is expressly acknowledged by obtaining a use permit and the boat owner releases WSSC from any and all claims and demands for loss or injury involving the use or mooring of his/her boat or craft. (REG-WWM-PR-2301-001)