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(a) “Certificate of substantial completion” means a document issued by the authorized representative of the WSSC, and cosigned by the WSSC contractor, stating the date a construction contract (or specified part thereof) is substantially complete.

(b) “Contract/Technical Services Section (CTSS) receipt log” means a record kept by the CTSS enumerating the receipt dates of documents and actions taken in administering contract releases.

(c) “Final inspection punch list” means a list of defects or deviations from WSSC contract specifications and/or directives which the contractor must correct before the facility will be accepted by the WSSC.

(d) “Record of water and sewer release” means a document used by the various WSSC administrative units to effect the transfer of a contract from the contractor to the WSSC for assessment and/or maintenance.

(e) “Release for maintenance only” means the action by which the contract or parts thereof are released for maintenance takeover by WSSC but not released for service.

(f) “Request for partial release for service” means a standard form on which the Contract Manager lists those water and/or sewer house connection permit numbers included in that portion of the contract he/she wishes to release (in lieu of releasing the entire contract).

(g) “Results of air test” means a standard form used to record the results of air pressure tests performed on sanitary sewer lines to determine if the line(s) meet WSSC specifications for watertightness.

(h) “Standard letter announcing release” means a single form letter signed by the CTSS Section Head used to notify the applicant for the referenced project that the water and/or sewer facility has been released for service and is ready for hookups.

(i) “Substantially complete” means a contract, or specified part thereof, which has been constructed to the point where it can be used for its intended purpose.

(j) “Water/sewer house connection final” means a copy of the construction plans on which the locations (ties) and permit numbers of the points of connection of the public (WSSC) and private (“house connection”) water lines and sewers have been shown as prepared by the WSSC Construction Inspector.

(k) “Zone book” means a looseleaf notebook kept for each zone and/or depot containing contract information sheets for each contract administered by that zone/depot. The “contract information sheet” is a log of estimate receipts, amounts, and dates estimates are paid by the WSSC. The contract information sheet contains supplemental information such as date of bid and substantially complete and other significant events which take place during the execution of the contract. (CON 95-03 § II)