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11.135.020 Definitions.
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(a) Abandonment. In the event the systems or facilities are of a temporary nature, the permittee will be required to abandon the facilities at its expense and to the satisfaction of the Commission at such time as a permanent service is made available to serve the project. The permittee is required to furnish a bond, irrevocable letter of credit, or a deposit acceptable to the Commission to cover the costs of abandoning facilities when such action becomes necessary.

(b) Account Numbers. On nonturnkey projects, 6776 is a general account number that all time should be charged to, prior to a job number being assigned or subsequent to one being closed. After issuance of the job number, account number 6771 should be used with the associated job number on all types of projects. On turnkey projects, general account numbers must be obtained from the General Accounting Section after a facility has been accepted for operation by the Commission. One general account number may be required to capture operating cost to be borne by the Commission and another may be required to capture operating cost to be invoiced by the permittee.

(c) “As-built drawing” means a certified copy of plans, acceptable to the Commission, showing the work as built, to be filed with the Commission as a permanent record upon successful completion of all work covered under the construction permit.

(d) Construction Inspection. Inspection will be accomplished by the Bureau of Construction’s staff to ensure all construction is in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the Commission, or for turnkey projects, to ensure that construction is in accordance with the performance and technical criteria established by the Commission for a turnkey project.

(e) “Construction permit” means a permit issued to cover design and construction of any water and/or sewerage system or facilities within and without the Sanitary District in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, Maryland, that will be financed with other than WSSC funds.

(f) Insurance. On projects to be operated and maintained by the Commission, the permittee must furnish the Commission a liability insurance policy in the Commission’s favor, to protect the Commission’s interests during the period it maintains and operates any temporary facilities, until such time as the facilities are abandoned and removed.

(g) Operating Agreement. On projects to be operated and maintained by the Commission, a legal agreement or memorandum of understanding must be executed between the Commission and the permittee to cover all the conditions under which the Commission agrees to operate and maintain systems or facilities constructed by the permittee.

(h) “Permit fee” means a reasonable fee charged to cover the Commission’s expenses for reviewing and approving plans and specifications, issuing the necessary construction permit, and inspecting construction. On turnkey projects, the permit fee may include Commission expenses for inspection during testing and startup of a facility and the hiring of operating personnel prior to acceptance of the facility by the Commission. Sections 8-2(b) and 8-3(b) of the WSSD Code specify that the portion of the fee related to reviewing and approving plans and specifications and issuing the necessary construction permits cannot exceed six percent. The permit fee is computed on the basis of six percent of the first $200,000 of estimated construction cost, and five percent of the excess cost over $200,000. Sections 8-2(c) and 8-3(c) of the WSSD Code stipulate that the Commission is authorized to fix and collect from the owners or operators of systems a reasonable fee for its supervision and inspection. On all projects, the General Accounting Section will be responsible for monitoring actual cost incurred for inspection during construction and, when deemed necessary, invoice the permittee. The construction permit, operating agreement, or memorandum of understanding executed between the Commission and permittee should contain a condition for progress billing in order that inspection costs, including overhead, may be recovered as they are incurred. In the event that a project is terminated prior to payment of a permit or inspection fee, the permittee shall be invoiced for the actual cost, including overhead, expended by the Commission on the project.

(i) “Permit number” means a job number bearing alphabetical codes “SO” and “WO” which appear on the permit, plans, specifications, and any other correspondence pertaining to the permit. The job number is obtained from the Water and Sewer Reports Section.

(j) “Permittee” means any firm, corporation, municipality, locality, person or persons desiring to construct, operate, and maintain systems or facilities within and without the Sanitary District in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, Maryland, or desiring to construct and have the Commission operate and maintain said systems or facilities.

(k) Project Coordinator. On turnkey projects that are to be operated and maintained by the Commission or approved by the Commission for operation by the permittee, a coordinator will be assigned from Planning and Engineering Division; this person will be the permittee’s point of contact with the Commission. This person will have overall responsibility for coordinating all aspects of the project.

(l) Rights-of-Way. On projects that the Commission is to operate and maintain, the permittee must grant the Commission right to ingress and egress upon the property owned by the permittee at no cost to the Commission.

(m) Turnkey Project. All projects, including water main and sewer jobs, are to be handled under a turnkey concept. Under this concept, the permittee will design and construct all facilities in accordance with Commission performance and technical criteria. The permittee will be responsible for providing quality assurance reports and certification, from a source totally independent of the contractor, on all phases of construction as they are completed. The Commission will accept or approve the facilities for operation upon completion of construction and successful testing. (PD 90-01 § 2)