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1.70.370 Financial disclosure statements as public records.
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(a) Financial disclosure statements are public documents and these statements shall be made available by the Ethics Office to the public for examination and copying, subject to a reasonable fee for the time and material.

(b) Any person requesting to examine and/or copy a financial disclosure statement shall provide to the Ethics Office that person’s name, business address and home address and the name of the employee whose disclosure statement is to be examined and/or copied. The person shall also provide a driver’s license or other government issued photo identification card, which may be copied by the Ethics Office. In addition, the Ethics Office may not release the requested financial disclosure statement until 24 hours after the request has been made, in order to allow time to attempt to transmit notification of the request to the employee prior to the release of the requested financial disclosure statement. (Res. 2019-2230; Res. 2019-2211; Res. 2006-1747; Res. 2003-1669 § 1(5-5))