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(a) An individual or entity that employs an individual who assists WSSC in the drafting of specifications, an invitation for bids, a request for proposals for a procurement, or the selection or award made in response to an invitation for bids or a request for proposals may not:

(1) Submit a bid or proposal for that procurement; or

(2) Assist or represent another person, directly or indirectly, who is submitting a bid or proposal for that procurement.

(b) For purposes of subsection (a) of this section, assisting in the drafting of specifications does not include:

(1) Providing descriptive literature such as catalogue sheets, brochures, technical data sheets, or standard specification samples, whether requested by WSSC or provided on an unsolicited basis;

(2) Submitting written comments on a specification prepared by WSSC or on a solicitation or bid or proposal when comments are solicited from two or more persons as part of a request for information or a pre-bid or pre-proposal process;

(3) Providing specifications for a sole source procurement made in accordance with the procurement regulations (WSSC Chapter 6.15); or

(4) Providing architectural and engineering services for programming, master planning, or other project planning services. (Res. 2003-1669 § 1(4-4))