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(a) Charter. The Council is responsible for governing the innovation and research program. The Council Charter establishes the Council and defines its purpose, background, scope, functions, membership, responsibilities, and related duties. A copy of the initial Council Charter is attached as Appendix A. The initial Council Charter will be approved by the adoption of the regulation codified in this chapter. The General Manager then has the authority to approve any subsequent changes to the Council Charter.

(b) Innovation Proposals. Per the Innovation and Research Council Charter, the Council may conduct quarterly meetings to review new initiatives and proposals, review the status of existing initiatives and proposals, approve initiatives for research and testing, approve proposals for implementation as projects, and determine the source of funding for approved projects.

(c) Vendor Products. The Council may review proposed new products approvals at the quarterly meetings. If the Council does not agree with the approval recommendation, the Council can disapprove the product or direct the product move back to EESD for additional research.

(d) Awards. At the quarterly meetings, the Council may review a list of possible innovation award nominees and may recommend innovation award nominees. Any nominees selected will be forwarded to the General Manager for final selection for the award and subsequent presentation of the award. (Document dated May 17, 2017 § VII)